Cadillac's new electric vehicle was unveiled: Optiq

cadillac optic

Cadillac Optiq: A New Competitor in the Electric SUV Market

Cadillac continues to offer ambitious models in the electric vehicle segment. The brand, which has launched a sedan model such as Celestiq as well as SUV models such as Lyriq and Escalade IQ, now comes up with a smaller SUV model. This model, named Cadillac Optiq, reflects the design language of other electric vehicles using the "iq" nomenclature. Here's what you need to know about the Cadillac Optiq:

How is the Design of Cadillac Optiq?

At first glance, Cadillac Optiq shows that, despite its small body, it has a design inspired by its older brothers, Celestiq and Lyriq. Details such as front and rear lights, grille, bumper and trunk lid share common features of Cadillac's electric vehicles. In particular, the two-piece taillights that resemble waterfalls add a dynamic atmosphere to the rear design.

What are the Technical Specifications of Cadillac Optiq?

Cadillac Optiq is a model whose technical specifications have not been announced yet. However, it is possible to make some predictions based on other vehicles using GM's Ultium platform. For example, we can say that the dimensions of the model are similar to the Chevrolet Equinox EV. Both models have a length of approximately 4.83 m.

This gives us a clue that Optiq may have the same engine and battery options as the Equinox EV. If true, the Optiq will offer 482 km of range on a single charge and will be available in 214 hp front-wheel drive and 295 hp all-wheel drive configurations.

Cadillac Optiq What ZamThe moment it will be on sale?

Cadillac Optiq is a model that has not been officially introduced yet. Therefore, what zamThere is no clear information about when it will go on sale or in which countries it will be sold. However, considering Cadillac wants to increase its competitiveness in the electric vehicle segment, it seems likely that the Optiq will launch within the next year.