What does busted mean? What does busted mean? I Don't Fit In This Worldzam Busted


Busted: I Don't Fit In This Worldzam The Secret of the Coffin in the TV Series I Don't Fit in This Cihanazam The words Busted in the coffin scene broadcast in the last episode of the TV series aroused the curiosity of the audience. What is the meaning of the word Busted and its role in the series? Here are the details about Busted.

What is Busted? Busted is an English word and means “caught, exposed, ended”. The word busted is often used against criminals caught by the police or when a lie is exposed. For example, “You are busted!” (You're busted!) or “Your secret is busted!” The word Busted can be seen in sentences such as (Your secret has been revealed!).

Busted, same zamIt is the name of a British pop rock band that was formed in 2000 and disbanded in 2005. The group is known for songs such as "Year 3000", "What I Go to School For", "Crashed the Wedding". The group came together again in 2013 and released a new album in 2016.

Busted, I Don't Fit In This Worldzam What Does It Mean in the TV Series? I Don't Fit In This Worldzam In the trailer of the 44th episode of the series, it was noteworthy that the words Busted were written in the coffin scene. In the series, the word Busted indicates that Efe (Burak Özçivit), the main character of the series and who surprised everyone with his death, is not actually dead and has made a plan. Efe played a trick against his enemies who tried to kill him and entered the coffin to catch them. The Busted inscription on the coffin shows that Efe will expose his enemies and win against them.

In the new episode of the series, Efe's emergence from his coffin and how he will defeat his enemies are eagerly awaited. The word busted is interpreted as a clue that the series gives to its viewers. The new episode of the series will be broadcast on Kanal D on Tuesday, November 9th.