A significant portion of BMW's 5 Series sales are expected to be electric

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Half of the BMW 5 Series Will Be Electric

BMW announced the sales expectations of the new 5 Series. It was stated that half of the sales of the model, which was introduced in the past weeks and which we tested, will be electric. A BMW spokesman said that internal combustion and electric models will be equally preferred in Europe. It was also stated that 5 percent of the 30 Series will be a fully electric model called i5.

BMW 5 Series What ZamThe moment it will be on sale?

BMW 5 Series went on sale in Germany. Customers worldwide will be able to purchase the model starting from November 25. The BMW 5 Series is produced at the Dingolfing factory, where it has been produced since 1972.

What Engine Options Does the BMW 5 Series Come With?

The BMW 5 Series is offered in Europe with four different engine options: diesel, gasoline, plug-in hybrid and fully electric. The model, whose price starts at 57.550 euros in Germany, comes to Turkey first with the 320d xDrive version. On the electric side of the model, there are i5 and M60 models. The i5 is a model that can produce over 600 horsepower and falls into a lower tax bracket. M60 is a model designed for performance enthusiasts.

Why Does BMW 5 Series Focus on Electricity?

The reason why the BMW 5 Series focuses on electric is the demands of users and the goal of being environmentally friendly. A BMW spokesman said electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and users want more transparent and fair pricing. Therefore, the BMW 5 Series aims to meet users' expectations with both internal combustion and electric models. In addition, the BMW 5 Series continues to claim to be an environmentally friendly car with its electric models.