BMW said its new batteries are better than Tesla!

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BMW Introduced Its New Batteries That Will Leave Tesla Behind!

BMW announced its 6th generation batteries developed for electric cars. The new batteries will have 20% higher energy density than existing batteries and will perform better than Tesla's batteries. BMW will use its new batteries in its vehicles based on the Neue Klasse concept, which will be released in 2025.

BMW's 6th Generation Batteries

BMW announced that it has started pilot production of new battery cells at the BMW Cell Production Competence Center in Parsdof, Germany. These cells will be used in vehicles based on the Neue Klasse concept that BMW will launch in 2025. The new batteries will consist of cylindrical cells with a diameter of 46 mm and a length of 95 to 120 mm. These cells will have 20% higher energy density than the prismatic cells that BMW currently uses. Thus, they will offer a range of up to 800 km on a single charge. In addition, the production of new batteries will cause 60% less carbon emissions than existing batteries.

BMW's Battery Technology

The new battery cells will contain more nickel and less cobalt on the cathode side. In this way, both cost and environmental impact will be reduced. On the anode side, it will have a higher silicon content than existing batteries. This will provide more energy storage capacity. BMW develops the design and chemistry of the new battery cells itself. However, its large-scale production will be done by suppliers such as CATL and Eve Energy. These suppliers will produce the new batteries in two factories each in Europe, China and North America, for a total of six factories.

BMW's Challenge to Tesla

BMW also clearly stated that it is challenging Tesla with its new batteries. “Tesla needs to close the gap with us,” said Milan Nedeljkovic, head of BMW production. Nedeljkovic compared the battery development process to cooking and said, “If you want to cook something really good, you need a good recipe because the recipe determines the taste. We develop the recipe, that is, the chemistry and physics of the cells. “We test how each cell performs by constantly changing the content.” he said.