BMW said that it is ahead of its competitors in battery technologies!

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BMW Introduced Battery Technology That Will Leave Tesla Behind!

BMW Group announced that it will outshine its competitors in the electric vehicle market with its new generation cylindrical battery cells. Milan Nedeljkovic, head of production, said these battery cells are superior in both cost and performance.

What Do BMW's 6th Generation Battery Cells Offer?

BMW Group announced that it has started the production of new generation cylindrical battery cells at its facility located east of Munich. These battery cells will be used in electric vehicles based on the Neue Klasse architecture that BMW will launch in 2025.

BMW's 6th generation battery cells offer many advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Halves production costs: BMW states that new battery cells can cut production costs in half. In this way, it may be possible for the prices of electric vehicles to decrease.
  • Increases range by 30 percent: Thanks to their high energy density, the new battery cells provide 30 percent more range in a battery pack of the same size. Thus, it becomes possible to travel approximately 1,000 km on a full charge.
  • Provides fast charging: The new battery cells also offer the ability to perform DC fast charging at a speed of 270 kW. This ensures that the battery is fully charged in a short time.

How Does BMW Keep Competing With Tesla?

The BMW Group is developing new strategies to compete with companies like Tesla in the electric vehicle market. The group includes models from the BMW and Mini brands and sold fewer than 100.000 EVs in the third quarter. In the same period, Tesla delivered 435.000 electric vehicles.

BMW Group sold almost 80 percent more EVs compared to the same period last year, while Tesla increased its global deliveries by 27 percent. In order to get ahead of Tesla, BMW offers new models, new designs and new technologies, as well as new generation battery cells.

Milan Nedeljkovic, BMW's head of production, stated that the new battery cells comply with BMW's driving performance philosophy. Sample units are currently being produced at the company's own facility, and production of the cells will begin by BMW's suppliers CATL and Eve Energy, with deliveries to six battery factories around the world in 2025.

This is the date when the first mass-produced EVs based on the Neue Klasse architecture will be launched. zamIt is planned as of now. With this innovative technology, the BMW Group maintains its confidence in its position in the electric vehicle market, even in an environment of tight competition with companies such as Tesla.