Who is Banu Parlak, where is she from and how old is she? What is Banu Parlak's profession?

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Who is Banu Parlak? The life of social media phenomenon Banu Parlak and the reason for her detention

Banu Parlak is a social media phenomenon known for her song posts on Instagram and has recently come to the fore with the news that she was detained. People wonder who Banu Parlak is, where she is from, how old she is and what she does. Here's what you need to know about Banu Parlak.

Banu Parlak's biography

Banu Parlak was born in Kastamonu in 1987. She became interested in music at an early age. She attracted attention with her singing posts in the car on Instagram and gained thousands of followers. She also stepped into her music career with her single titled "Narin Yarim". Banu Parlak married Okan Öztürk in 2017, but her marriage was short-lived. Banu Parlak has a daughter.

Why was Banu Parlak detained?

Banu Parlak was detained in Istanbul on November 3, 2023. The reason why Banu Parlak was detained was the allegation that she used drugs in her posts on her social media account. After Banu Parlak was taken into custody, she underwent a health check and was then taken to the police station. Banu Parlak's police proceedings continue.

Banu Parlak is known as a social media phenomenon and zamHe is a name that has been on the agenda with the news that he was taken into custody at that moment. Banu Parlak's life and the reason for her detention are a matter of curiosity.