Difficult Decision When Choosing a Vehicle: Diesel or Gasoline?

diesel or gasoline?

One of the most important factors affecting new vehicle choices is the fuel type of cars. Accordingly, especially if you are buying a car for the first time or Rent a car drivers who will diesel vehicle or gasoline vehicle? They should engage in intensive research. Difference between diesel and gasolineSince vehicles vary, it is important for drivers to make a choice that meets their expectations. Many criteria such as engine power, performance, long distance and fuel economy are effective in determining the fuel type of the vehicle to be purchased.

General Features of Gasoline Vehicles

Gasoline vehicles have an internal combustion engine powered by a carburetor. One of the most important advantages of gasoline vehicles, in which spark plugs are used for combustion, is their engine speed. Gasolines have more engine power than diesel and therefore generally provide better performance. Data on the performance side is often the most important difference between diesel and gasoline It is considered. However, the torque of gasoline vehicles is less than that of diesel. This makes gasoline vehicles a bit of a disadvantage for transporting heavy loads.

General Features of Diesel Vehicles

Which is better, petrol or diesel?If we need to compare it with diesel vehicles; Diesels also have an internal combustion engine type. The main difference with gasoline is that diesel engines do not require spark plugs as in gasoline engines. The compressed air in these cars reaches very high temperatures, then spontaneously ignites the fuel. The most important advantage of diesel vehicles is generally considered to be fuel economy. This makes diesel vehicles more economical compared to gasoline ones. Especially those who want to make a more economical choice When buying a car, should you choose diesel or gasoline? In his decision, he makes his choices in favor of diesels. However, in terms of engine performance, diesel vehicles lag behind gasoline engines.

Advantages of Gasoline Vehicles

  • Gasoline engines generally have lower maintenance costs because they have a much simpler structure than diesel engines.
  • Since it can reach high horsepower, it is preferred in vehicles that need speed.
  • It runs quieter compared to diesel vehicles.

Disadvantages of Gasoline Vehicles

  • Does diesel or gasoline burn more? Compared to diesel vehicles, urban fuel consumption is higher.
  • Second hand sales prices are lower than equivalent diesel vehicles.
  • They have lower torque values ​​than diesel cars.

Advantages of Diesel Vehicles

  • Diesel cars consume less fuel in the city than gasoline cars.
  • Thanks to its high torque values, it is frequently used in powerful vehicles such as SUVs or pick-ups.
  • Second-hand sales prices are generally higher than equivalent gasoline vehicles.

Disadvantages of Diesel Vehicles 

  • Since their engines are more complex, they require more frequent maintenance.
  • Due to its high emission values, it has a large number of filters and therefore maintenance costs may be higher.
  • It works noisier.
  • Produces lower horsepower.

Frequently Asked Questions About Diesel and Gasoline Vehicles

Diesel or gasoline for long distance?

Diesel engines are developed for purposes such as carrying loads and long distance journeys. Therefore, diesel vehicles are more ideal for long journeys.

Does diesel or gasoline last longer?

Diesel vehicles require more frequent maintenance due to their complex engine structure. The maintenance needs of gasoline engines are less than diesel engines. In line with all this, the engines of gasoline vehicles generally last longer.

Does diesel or gasoline burn more?

In general, diesel vehicles burn less than gasoline vehicles. This makes diesel vehicles more advantageous in terms of fuel economy.

Who should choose a diesel vehicle?

Diesels are more suitable for people who frequently use their vehicles in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, where there is generally heavy traffic. In addition, diesel vehicles are mostly recommended for those who want to drive heavy vehicles such as SUVs or pick-ups.

Who should choose a gasoline vehicle?

Gasoline vehicles are more suitable for drivers who use highways more frequently and go on out-of-city trips periodically. In addition, people who will buy their second vehicle and will drive this vehicle 2-3 times a week at most can prefer gasoline cars.