Alfa Romeo is developing a fully electric SUV!

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

What are the Features of the Alfa Romeo SUV Model?

Alfa Romeo's new SUV model will be built on the STLA Large Platform. This platform will use three electric motors. These engines will create a four-wheel drive system and reach four-digit power figures. Alfa Romeo will also prioritize the driving experience with this model. It will offer high performance and aerodynamic efficiency together.

The Alfa Romeo SUV model will be equipped with 800V architecture. This architecture will have fast charging features. The car will be able to charge from 30 percent to 10 percent in just 80 minutes and reach a range of 805 km. Additionally, the car will offer a technology package that includes the latest technologies and driverless driving capabilities.

Release Date and Price of Alfa Romeo SUV Model

The launch date and price of Alfa Romeo's electric SUV model are not yet clear. However, Alfa Romeo CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato announced that the car will be available for sale in 2027. Alfa Romeo aims to make a big impact, especially in key markets such as North America and China. The price of the luxury SUV model is expected to be more affordable than its competitors. Alfa Romeo wants to be in a competitive position in the electric vehicle market.

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