Here is the never seen version of Alfa Romeo 75!

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Alfa Romeo 75 Vittoria, a Legendary Concept

The Alfa Romeo 75 was a sedan model produced between 1985 and 1992 and competed with the BMW 3 Series (E30). The vehicle, sold under the name 'Milano' in North America, replaced Giuletta. The Alfa Romeo 75 also had a concept version that was reworked by Carrozzeria Castagna and introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1994. This concept was called “Vittoria” and was the only one of its kind.

Alfa Romeo 75 Vittoria Inspired by the SZ Model

The Alfa Romeo 75 Vittoria had an interesting design that took some inspiration from Alfa's SZ model. Although it was basically a concept car, the interesting concept, which had a road permit because it was built on a roadworthy car, was almost never used. The car, which had an odometer of 2.500, was in perfect condition, except for corrosion in some parts, which was quite normal.

The Alfa Romeo 75 Vittoria was clad in hand-hewn aluminum body panels on a steel chassis. With its dark green upholstery, wooden trim and the special 'Vittoria' lettering on the front of the passenger compartment, this special concept was interesting in every respect. The Momo brand steering wheel and Alcantara coverings on the center console and instrument panel were also details that increased the perception of quality.

Alfa Romeo 75 Vittoria Had a Powerful Engine

The Alfa Romeo 75 Vittoria used Alfa's famous 3.0-liter V6 Busso engine. A special engine that reached 255 horsepower with some special modifications offered a unique driving pleasure when combined with a 5-speed manual transmission. Alfa Romeo 75 Vittoria went down in history as a legendary concept with both its design and performance.