Who is Kenan Yıldız, where is he from and how old is he? Which team does Kenan Yıldız play for?

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Who is Kenan Yıldız? Owner of the Goal Scored by the National Team against Germany

The National Team faced Germany in a friendly match before the last match of the 2024 European Football Championship Qualifiers. Our national team gained morale by defeating its opponent 3-2. The person who scored the second goal of the National Team was Kenan Yıldız. So, who is Kenan Yıldız, where is he from and how old is he? Which team does Kenan Yıldız play for? Here are the details…

Kenan Yıldız's Football Career

Kenan Yıldız was born in 2004 in Regensburg, Germany. Kenan, who started football in Regensburg's infrastructure, was transferred to Bayern Munich's infrastructure in 2014. Kenan, who played in Bayern Munich's U16, U17 and U19 teams, was transferred to Italian giant Juventus in 2022.

Kenan Yıldız, who also played in Juventus' U19 team, was promoted to the A team this season. Kenan, who played in 5 matches in Serie A, made 1 assist.

Kenan Yıldız's National Team Career

Although Kenan Yıldız is of Turkish origin, he played in the lower age categories of the German National Team. Kenan played a total of 15 matches in Germany U16, U17, U18, U19 and U32 teams and scored 8 goals.

However, Kenan Yıldız was invited to the Turkey A National Team in 2023 and he accepted this offer. Kenan wore the national jersey for the first time in the match against the Netherlands on October 11, 2023. Kenan scored his first goal in the match against Germany and played an important role in his team's 2-1 victory.

Kenan Yıldız is shown as one of the new star candidates of the National Team. Kenan, who wants to continue his success both in Juventus and the National Team, has become a name followed closely by football fans.