Is Burak Yılmaz being expelled from Beşiktaş, why is he being expelled?

Who is Burakyilmaz?

Will Burak Yılmaz be expelled from Beşiktaş? Here's Why

Former Beşiktaş striker Burak Yılmaz drew reaction with the statements he made after leaving the black-and-white club. Beşiktaş Selection and Registry Board Member Gizem Uslu Akın announced that she will petition the Disciplinary Board for the cancellation of Burak Yılmaz's club membership.

What Did Burak Yilmaz Say?

After leaving Beşiktaş and transferring to the French team Lille, Burak Yılmaz made negative statements about Beşiktaş management and fans in the interviews he gave to the Turkish press. Burak Yılmaz cited the club's financial difficulties and the failure to keep promises made to him as the reason for leaving Beşiktaş. He also claimed that Beşiktaş fans insulted and disrespected him.

These statements of Burak Yılmaz created great disappointment and anger in the Beşiktaş community. Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi stated that Burak Yılmaz lied and was unfair towards him. Çebi said that Burak Yılmaz did not pay his debt to Beşiktaş and demanded compensation when he left the club. Çebi stated that Burak Yılmaz also disrespected Beşiktaş fans and that he should return the membership card given to him.

Will Burak Yılmaz's Membership Be Canceled?

Burak Yılmaz's departure from Beşiktaş and his statements caused a great reaction among club members. Beşiktaş Selection and Registration Board Member Gizem Uslu Akın, in her post on her social media account, argued that Burak Yılmaz should be removed from Beşiktaş membership. Uslu Akın said, “I read Burak Yılmaz's statements. I think he should be removed from Beşiktaş membership due to both his statements and his attitudes after resigning from his post. "My first job will be to petition our Disciplinary Board for the cancellation of his membership." said.