2000 horsepower car comes to market: Aspark Owl


Aspark Owl is the result of a 7-year study

Aspark is a Japanese company founded in Osaka in 2005 and specializing in engineering. The company decided to produce electric cars in 2016 and created Aspark Owl as a result of 7 years of work. Aspark Owl is the company's first and only electric car.

Aspark Owl has four electric motors and its total power is 1456 kW (1980 horsepower) and its torque value is 1920 Nm. These values ​​make Aspark Owl the most powerful electric car with four motors ever produced. Aspark Owl also has incredible performance values ​​such as a top speed of 413 km/h and an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 1.91 seconds. With this performance, Aspark Owl broke two Guinness World Records last summer. The first of these is the record of completing 8/1 of a mile at an average speed of 309 km/h, and the second is the record of completing a quarter mile at an average speed of 319 km/h.