18-19 November THY canceled flights were announced! Which flights did THY cancel?

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Flight Cancellations from THY Due to Weather: Here is the List of Canceled Flights

Turkish Airlines (THY) announced that 18 flights were mutually canceled on Saturday, November 40, due to the expected adverse weather conditions in Istanbul. The list of canceled flights was published on THY's website. THY warned passengers to check their flight status.

Storm Warning from Meteorology and AFAD

The General Directorate of Meteorology announced that a storm is expected from the north and northwest directions in Istanbul starting from Saturday morning, and a strong storm and a full storm is expected in places on Sunday morning. Meteorology stated that one should be careful and cautious against possible negativities such as floods, lightning, floods, roof blown off, and transportation disruptions.

AFAD, in its warning via SMS, said, “According to Meteorology, heavy rain and a full storm are expected in Istanbul tomorrow. "Be careful against floods, lightning, floods, roof blown off, and transportation disruptions," he said.

Which Flights Did THY Canceled?

In the statement made by THY Press Consultancy, it was said, "Due to the adverse weather conditions expected in Istanbul tomorrow, a total of 40 of our flights have been mutually canceled in accordance with the decision of the Meteorological Emergency Committee." In the statement, passengers were warned to check their flights from the "flight status inquiry" section on THY's website.