1088 horsepower monster SUV M-Hero 917 will be in Turkey soon!


M-Hero 917 Comes to Turkey: Features and Price of the 1088 Horsepower Electric SUV

A new player in the electric vehicle market is preparing to enter Turkey. M-Hero 1088, the 917 horsepower electric SUV model of Mengshi, a sub-brand of Chinese automobile manufacturer Dongfeng, will be available for sale in Turkey in January 2024. M-Hero 917 draws attention with its aggressive and muscular design, high performance and long range.

Design and Dimensions of M-Hero 917

M-Hero 917 is based on the M-Terrain concept introduced in 2022. The model in question makes a difference in the electric vehicle market with its Hummer-like appearance. M-Hero 917; It has a length of 4987 mm, a width of 2080 mm, a height of 1935 mm and a wheelbase of 2950 mm. Equipped with 275/65 R20 tires, the model has approach and departure angles of 31 degrees.

The front of the M-Hero 917 has a large grille, LED headlights, fog lamps and a metal bumper. On the side, the wide fenders, door handles, side mirrors and roof rails attract attention. At the rear, there are LED taillights, trunk spoiler, metal bumper and exhaust outlets.

Performance and Range of M-Hero 917

Although the M-Hero 917 is a vehicle weighing over 3 tons, it offers very high performance thanks to its four electric motors. Each of the motors is integrated into separate wheels. M-Hero 917 can do a crab walk thanks to the rear wheels being angled. The engines produce a total of 1088 hp power and 1400 Nm torque.

M-Hero 917 has a Qilin battery with a capacity of 142,7 kWh. This battery, produced by Chinese battery giant CATL, has high energy density nickel manganese cobalt chemistry. With this battery, M-Hero 917 offers a driving range of 450 km according to WLTP. The battery can reach 47-30% charge in 80 minutes with DC fast charging.

M-Hero 917 Price and Sales Date in Türkiye

M-Hero 917 will launch in Europe in January 2024 zamIt will also enter the Turkish market immediately. Production of the model in question started in China last April. Dongfeng announced that they planned to sell 100 units per year of the model, whose starting price was announced at that time as 1500 thousand dollars.

The price of M-Hero 917 in Türkiye is not yet known. Before this model, Marcar brought Voyah's luxury MPV model Dream to Turkey. The price of the model in question is 7 million TL.