What is 1000 Holding public offering? zamAn, how many lots will be given? Is it suitable for 1000 Yatırımlar Holding participation index?

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1000 Holding Public Offering Details: Date, Lot Price and Participation Index

1000 Yatırımlar Holding is preparing to go public on Borsa Istanbul with the BIST code BINHO. The company received permission for public offering from the Capital Markets Board (CMB). The brokerage firm in the public offering was A1 Capital Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. will be. We have compiled all the details about the public offering for you.

1000 Holding Public Offering Date Announced

1000 Holding's public offering date was announced as 14-15 November 2023. The public offering process will continue for two days. Book building transactions in public offering are carried out by A1 Capital Yatırım Menkul Değerler A.Ş. It will be carried out by.

What is the 1000 Holding Public Offering Lot Price?

The 1000 Holding public offering lot price was determined as 125 TL. 9.500.000 lots will be offered for sale in the public offering. The entire public offering will be a capital increase. After the public offering, the company's capital will increase to 50.000.000 TL.

1000 Holding Public Offering Will Be Equal Distribution

1000 Holding's public offering will be carried out with an equal distribution method. In this method, if there is a difference between the number of lots requested in the public offering and the number of lots offered to the public, shares are distributed in proportion to the number of lots requested. Thus, in the public offering, everyone who requests it is given an equal amount of shares.

Eligible for 1000 Holding Public Offering Participation Index

1000 Holding's public offering was approved by the CMB. The company will be traded on the Stars Market after the IPO. It was reported that the public offering was in accordance with the participation index. Participation index is an index consisting of stocks of participation banks traded on Borsa Istanbul. Participation index is an investment tool for investors who want to invest in participation banking activities.