Is public transportation free on November 10? Public transport schedule on Friday, November 10

Is November a holiday?

November 10 Public Transport Fees: Which Vehicles Are Free Today?

Today, commemoration ceremonies will be held all over Turkey on the 85th anniversary of the death of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. It is being questioned whether public transportation will be free on Friday, November 10th. Here is the public transportation schedule for IETT, EGO, metro, metrobus, Marmaray, ferries and buses today, Friday, November 10…

What Will Public Transport Fees Be Like on November 10?

On November 10, public transportation will not be free, the same fare schedule will apply. Public transportation provides free service on religious and national holidays. As in previous years, on November 10, IETT (bus, metrobus, metro, tram) will not provide free service and will apply a normal fare schedule.

On Friday, November 10, events will be held in public institutions, schools and various places across the country and the 85th anniversary of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic, will be commemorated.

Is November 10 a Public Holiday?

November 10 is celebrated under different names as Commemoration of Atatürk or Atatürk Week. National Mourning was declared after Atatürk's death on November 10, 1938. November 10 is not a public holiday. This year, November 10th falls on Friday.

Which Vehicles Will Work on November 10?

Public transportation will continue its normal services on Friday, November 10. In Istanbul, IETT, metro, metrobus, tram, Marmaray, ferry and buses will operate at normal hours. In Ankara, EGO, metro, Ankaray, cable cars and buses will operate at normal hours. In Izmir, İZBAN, metro, tram, ferry and buses will operate at normal hours. In other provinces, public transportation will operate at normal hours.

Citizens who will use public transportation on Friday, November 10 must have their tickets or cards with them. Additionally, social distance and mask rules must be followed in public transportation.