The 2nd round excitement begins at ZTK! Which match starts at what time?

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The 2nd Round of the Ziraat Turkish Cup, Turkuvaz Media's organization that excites football fans, is starting. This stage, where 4 teams will compete with today's 50 matches, will keep football fans glued to their screens. Which match? zamLet's examine together what it will start and what it will offer.

Round 2 Details

The 2nd Round of the Ziraat Turkish Cup is an organization that includes 1 teams that passed the 31st qualifying round, as well as 2 teams from the TFF 19nd League. This stage, in which a total of 50 teams will compete, will be played according to the single-match elimination method.

Today's Matches

The excitement begins with 4 matches that will be broadcast on A Spor today. The first match will take place between Kırşehir FK and Şırnak İY at 14.00. Then, Kırklareli and Çorluspor will face each other at 14.00. At 17.00, Isparta 32 and Sincan Bld. The fight between the two will be screened live. The last match of the day will take place between Bursaspor and Gölcükspor at 20.00.

Tomorrow's Matches

Tomorrow, a total of 13.00 matches between 20.00 and 11 will give football fans exciting moments. Notable among these matches are Zonguldak-Tokat Bld., Kastamonu-Sebat Gençlik, Muşspor-K.Sinopspor and Eynesil Bld.-Erbaaspor.

Thursday, October 12 Matches

On Thursday, October 12, 3 matches await football fans. Adıyaman FK-Bornova, Pazarspor-Silifke Bld. and Sivas 4 September-23 Elazığ FK matches will offer exciting moments.

The excitement for the 2nd Round of the Ziraat Turkish Cup is at its peak. Football fans are eagerly waiting for the match schedule to accompany their team's cup adventure.