How to apply for Ziraat Bank personnel recruitment, what are the application requirements?

Ziraat Bank personnel recruitment

Personnel Recruitment Announcement from Ziraat Bank: Application Conditions and Exam Date

Ziraat Bank announced that it will recruit personnel. The bank will recruit personnel for different positions through written exam and interview stages. Applications for personnel recruitment started today and will continue until November 10, 2023. Candidates who want to apply should pay attention to the following conditions and processes.

How to Apply?

Candidates who want to apply must be a member of Istanbul University's [website] and fill out the "Exam Application Form" completely. Additionally, a passport photo in JPEG format taken within the last 6 months must be attached to the exam application form. Applications submitted without a photograph or with a photograph that does not meet the specified specifications will not be accepted.

Candidates who apply must pay 200 TL as the exam fee. Payment will be made via the website by credit/debit card. Payment through other channels will not be accepted.

What are the Application Conditions?

Candidates who want to apply must meet the following conditions:

  • Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey
  • Have completed the age of 18
  • Not being deprived of public rights
  • For male candidates, not having any military service or not being of military age.
  • Not having a criminal record or those with a criminal record have been pardoned or a decision has been made to postpone the announcement of the verdict.
  • Those who have worked or are working in the banking sector are not subject to any of the prohibitions specified in subparagraph (18) of paragraph (A) of Article 5 of the Banking Law.
  • Candidates must have the education level determined for the relevant position and document that they have completed this training.
  • Candidates must meet the experience requirement specified for the relevant position and document this experience.
  • Candidates must meet the foreign language requirement specified for the relevant position and document this foreign language knowledge.

Exam Date and Process

The written exam will start on Sunday, December 03, 2023 at 14:00 and will be held in the form of a multiple choice test. Candidates who will take the exam must present their Exam Entry Document and Photo and Approved Identity Document in order to take the exam. Apart from these, no other documents will be valid to take the exam.

Candidates who do not have an exam entry document or photo ID will not be admitted to the written exam.

Before taking the exam, candidates must have a mobile phone, computer, tablet, walkie-talkie, camera, headset, wireless Bluetooth, electronic dictionary, smart watch, etc. communication, storage, recording and data transfer devices; paper, books, notebooks, notes, etc. documents; compass, protractor, ruler, calculator, etc. Vehicles; all kinds of cutting and piercing tools, weapons and objects that can replace weapons; beverage (except water) and food etc. They are prohibited from entering with food items.

Candidates who are more than 15 minutes late for the exam will not be admitted to the exam.

The written exam consists of 3 parts. The exam will be held in a single session, the total number of questions is 140 and the total exam duration is 160 minutes.

Exam results will be announced on Istanbul University's website after the exam date. Candidates who are successful in the written exam will be eligible to participate in the interview stage. The interview date and location will be announced later.