What are local elections? zammoment to be done? When are the municipal elections?

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What are the 2024 Local Elections? Zammoment? Municipal Elections Calendar Announced

The countdown has begun for local elections in Turkey. Preparations have begun for local elections held every five years. According to the decision published in the Official Gazette, local elections will be held at the end of next March. So, what are the 2024 local elections? zammoment, on what date? Here are the details about that subject.

What are Local Elections? ZamDo the moment?

According to the decision of the Supreme Electoral Council published in the Official Gazette, local administration elections will be held on March 2024, the last Sunday of March 31. Electoral roll updates can be made from October 1 until the start date of the election calendar to be determined by the YSK.

What is Local Election?

Local elections are elections held to elect the provincial and district administration in a region. Local governments have a central position in providing public services in the closest way to the citizens and ensuring effectiveness and efficiency in administration. Election of local governments is of great importance in the development of local democracy.

How Every Year Are Local Elections Held?

In Turkey, Article 67 of the Constitution states that the decision-making bodies of local governments come to power through elections, and the first paragraph of Article 127 states that elections and referendums are under judicial supervision and control in accordance with the principles of free, equal, secret, single-stage, universal vote, open counting and counting. foresees the need to do so. Local elections in Turkey are held every 5 years.

Who will be elected in the local elections?

As a result of the election, the mayor, metropolitan mayor, municipal council member, provincial council members, headmen and councils of elders will be determined. The people who will vote in the local elections are as follows:

  • Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality
  • Provincial Mayor
  • District Mayor
  • Town Mayor
  • Village headmen and members of the council of elders
  • neighborhood headmen
  • Provincial general council and municipal council members are elected.

What are the Conditions for Participating in Local Elections?

The conditions for participating in local elections are determined in Article 67 of the Constitution. According to this;

  • be a Turkish citizen
  • be over 18 years old
  • Being registered in the electoral roll
  • Having completed or postponed military service
  • Not to be deprived of public rights
  • not be limited
  • Not having been sentenced to heavy imprisonment or imprisonment for more than 2 years, except for negligent crimes
  • Becoming a member of political parties or becoming an independent candidate

Anyone who meets the conditions to participate in local elections can vote and become a candidate.