New break times have been determined by the Ministry of Education! How many minutes was the recess?

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Ministry of Education changed the break times! Here are the new break times and other regulation changes

How were the break times in schools? Is there a difference in single and double training?

The Ministry of National Education (MEB) changed the break times in schools. According to the regulation change published in the Official Gazette, in schools with single education, one break will be at least 20 minutes, other breaks will be at least 15 minutes, and in schools with dual education, breaks will be at least 10 minutes. The duration of one lesson hour was determined as 40 minutes.

How long is the absence period? How will parents be notified in case of absence?

Ministry of Education determined the period of absence as 15 days. Parents of students who do not come to school or do not attend class without an excuse will be notified on the 5th, 10th and 15th days of absence. Notification will also be provided on the 30th day of absence for those who have a disease that requires continuous treatment or organ transplantation, those with special education needs who receive education through mainstreaming/integration, and students who are under protection.

What is the daily classroom supervisor practice? Have guard duty been abolished in regional boarding secondary schools?

Ministry of Education implemented the "daily classroom supervisor" practice to develop responsibility awareness in students. According to this practice, a different student will serve as the classroom manager every day. In regional boarding secondary schools, dormitory duty has been abolished, considering the safety of students and educational hours.

Will there be medicine in the first aid cabinet in schools? Who can use the first aid cabinet?

Ministry of Education has decided that medicines other than first aid supplies should not be kept in the first aid cabinets in schools. Only personnel on duty were allowed to use the first aid cabinet if needed.