New Nissan models will come with a different front fascia

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Nissan's New Models Abandon V-Motion Design

As Nissan turns to electric vehicles, it leaves behind the V-Motion grille it has used for the last decade. The Japanese automaker will use a different front-end design in its new models.

What is V-Motion?

V-Motion is a design theme that Nissan started in 2010 with the Juke model and later used in its models such as Maxima, Altima, Sentra, Rogue and Murano. This theme creates a silver “V” shape in the middle of the front grille, which extends towards the headlights. With this design, Nissan aimed to give its cars a more dynamic and sporty appearance.

Why Is V-Motion Changing?

Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan's Vice President of Global Design, said the V-Motion design no longer fits Nissan's vision for the future. Albaisa stated that in a world where electric vehicles do not need a grill, Nissan will use a different front-end design in its new models.

“There are still some, but we don't use these motifs so openly anymore,” Albaisa said. “If someone within the company asked, 'What about V-Motion?' "If no one reacts when you ask, this means that this issue is no longer on the agenda and we are turning to other methods."

What Will Nissan's New Design Be Like?

Nissan's new design will have a more minimalist and modern look, as we saw on the Ariya model. The new extended V shape that will replace the front grille will be highlighted with LED lighting and the Nissan logo will also be illuminated. This design will emphasize that Nissan's electric vehicles are more environmentally friendly and technological.

Some of Nissan's gasoline engine vehicles will also switch to the new design. For example, Versa and Rogue models have lost the old silver “V” accent and have a new widened V shape. This design change will also be seen in other models that Nissan will release in the future.

Nissan's new models will abandon the V-Motion design and come with a different front fascia. This change shows that Nissan is a brand that focuses on electric vehicles and displays an innovative vision.