What will the new generation Alfa Romeo Stelvio look like?


What Will Alfa Romeo's New SUV Model Stelvio Look Like? Here is the Imagined Design

Stelvio, one of Alfa Romeo's most popular models, is on the road with its new generation. Although there is no official announcement from the brand yet, designers with limitless imagination have revealed some drawings showing what the new Stelvio could look like. Here is the imagined design of Alfa Romeo's new SUV model, Stelvio.

A Modern Logo on the New Stelvio

This interesting concept design was prepared by Motor1's rendering team. The first point that draws attention in the design is the modern touch brought to the Alfa Romeo logo. The cross and snake symbols in the logo have been replaced by simpler and geometric forms.

Closed Front Grille and Thin Headlights

Another striking point in the design is that the front grille is closed. This can be interpreted as a sign that Alfa Romeo will turn to electric engines in the future. Thin headlights designed in harmony with the front grille give the car a sharper and more aggressive appearance.

Triangular Form in Back Design

In the rear design, an LED strip extending between the C-shaped taillights stands out. This strip, together with the rear grille, forms a triangular form. At the center of this triangle is the Alfa Romeo logo presented in a historical font.

Of course, this concept design is entirely based on the imagination of the artists and is not an official design. However, it does offer an interesting insight into Alfa Romeo's future design direction. Until official statements come, Alfa Romeo fans are eagerly waiting for the brand's new SUV model, Stelvio.