Officially introduced with the world launch of the new Jaecoo C8!

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JAECOO J8 and Attracts Attention at the International Geneva Motor Show

Chery Group's premium brand JAECOO introduced the JAECOO J8, which will leave its mark on the automotive world, at this year's International Geneva Motor Show. Standing out with its elegance, technology and performance, J8 will hit the roads in February 2024 and meet car enthusiasts in the Qatar market in March.

Design Wonder: The Standout Aesthetics of JAECOO J8

JAECOO J8 is a candidate to revolutionize the "Off-road SUV" segment. The waterfall-style front grille design emphasizes the premium character of the vehicle. The sharp shoulder line and unique artistic touches create the overall mature style of J8.

Premium Cabin: The Meeting Point of Comfort and Elegance

J8's cabin design stands out with its understated premium elegance. Nappa leather covered seats not only offer a comfortable journey, but also zamIt creates a spacious atmosphere. Matte black deerskin headliner and TOM-made faux wood details enhance the elegance of the cabin.

Smart Technology: Ultra Smart Curved Screen and SONY Sound System

JAECOO J8 offers a driving experience intertwined with technology. The 24,6-inch ultra-smart curved screen, special 14-speaker SONY sound system and 255-color rhythmic lighting offer the driver and passengers a unique audio-visual feast. The ÔÇť540 stereoÔÇŁ air conditioning system maximizes comfort while driving.

JAECOO J8 offers an agile and smooth ride with its intelligent four-wheel drive system that can adapt to 7 basic driving scenarios. CDC magnetic height-adjustable suspension combines advanced comfort and superior handling by adjusting the height of the vehicle.

JAECOO J8 offers off-road enthusiasts a balanced off-road driving pleasure. With its unique design and technological features, it offers an SUV experience that can adapt to every driving scenario.

JAECOO J8 sets a new standard in the premium SUV segment with its design, technology and performance. Chery Group's premium brand, JAECOO, offers car enthusiasts an unforgettable drive by combining luxury and comfort with the JAECOO J8.