New Electric Citroen C3 introduced! Here are its price and features..


Electric Citroen C3: The Model That Surprises With Its Price and Features!

Electric cars appear as the transportation vehicles of the future. Taking an important step in this field, Citroen introduced the new "e-C3" model. This model will surprise car lovers with both its design and price. Because the e-C3 will be sold in Europe for only 23.300 Euros.

The new e-C3 was designed inspired by the Citroen Oli concept. Oli was a model that was introduced about a year ago and attracted attention as an electric city car. The new e-C3 inherits Oli's design features and offers a modern and dynamic appearance.

More changes have been made to the cabin of the new e-C3. Citroen has shrunk the digital instrument panel to provide more comfort and convenience to the driver. This panel only shows basic information and does not distract the driver. In addition, the 10.25-inch multimedia screen allows controlling all functions of the vehicle.

Performance of the Electric Citroen C3

The electric Citroen C3 is equipped with an electric motor capable of producing 113 hp (83 kW). This engine is fed by a 44 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. In this way, the vehicle offers a range of 320 km and can reach a maximum speed of 135 km/h.

The electric Citroen C3 claims to be both an environmentally friendly and economical car. The charging time of the vehicle is quite short. When charged from a normal outlet at home, the battery is fully charged in 8 hours, and at fast charging stations it reaches 30% charge in just 80 minutes.