New BMW M3 CS Touring model is on the way

bmw touring new on the road

Performance station wagons have a special appeal. BMW is preparing to strengthen its presence in this segment with the M3 CS Touring model.

M3 CS Touring: Performance Monster

According to BMW Blog's claims, BMW's M3 CS Touring model will appear in 2025. This monster will use the M3 CS's powerful 3.0-liter S58 twin-turbo engine and will be able to produce 550 hp and 650 Nm of torque.

Carbon Fiber Diet and Weight Difference

It is claimed that among the "planning stage" details of the M3 CS Touring is a serious carbon fiber diet. The front and rear parts of the model are expected to lose weight by enriching them with carbon fiber parts. This resembles the weight difference between the M3 CS and the standard M3 Competition.

A New Member in the CS Family: M4 CS

BMW is preparing to add a new member to the CS family. The M4 CS will be officially introduced in the coming months and will serve as a bridge between the standard M4 and M4 CSL.

Situation in Turkey

It is now becoming difficult to reach high-performance models in Turkey. The vehicle, which is the station wagon member of the M3 family, will be offered for sale for 220 TL with 10.244.200 percent Special Consumption Tax.

BMW M3 CS Touring stands out as the harbinger of a new era in performance and aesthetics. This model is a candidate to excite BMW enthusiasts and raise their performance expectations even further.