Teaser image of the new BMW 5 Series Touring was shared

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First Image from BMW M5 Touring: Hybrid Power Instead of V8 Engine

BMW shared the first teaser image from the new generation of the Touring model, the station wagon version of the 5 Series. The most striking detail in this model was that the V550 engine was replaced by a hybrid power unit in the M8i xDrive version. This power unit will also be used in the new M68 Touring model, which will be powered by the M division's new S5 engine.

Why Did BMW M5 Touring Drop the V8 Engine?

BMW M5 Touring cites increasingly stringent emissions standards as the reason for dropping the V8 engine. BMW is pursuing an electrification strategy to comply with these standards and avoid penalties. Under this strategy, all versions of the 5 Series Touring will use the same CLAR platform, with minimal design differences between the internal combustion engine and electric versions.

Built on this platform, the new M5 Touring model will work integrated with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter unit and electric motor. This design change may result in more weight compared to the old M5, but it can also provide advantages in terms of performance and efficiency while preserving the larger internal combustion engine.

What are the Features of BMW M5 Touring?

The technical specifications of the BMW M5 Touring have not been officially announced yet. However, according to some sources, it is claimed that this model will have a 750 horsepower hybrid power unit and offer a 120 km range with a 700 kWh battery. It is also said that this model will have equipment such as a four-wheel drive system, active suspension, carbon ceramic brakes and wireless charging feature.

The design of the BMW M5 Touring will be quite sporty, as seen from the teaser image. This model will feature distinctive M details such as wider fenders, a four-outlet exhaust system and M kidney grilles with horizontally designed slats. The i5 M60 Touring, which is a fully electric version, is also expected to have a sportier grille design.

BMW M5 Touring What Zammoment to be introduced?

The world launch of the BMW M5 Touring will be held in February 2024. This model represents extraordinary changes in BMW's car lineup and is seen as part of the brand's future electrification strategy. The new M5 Touring is eagerly awaited by petrolheads!