How to Learn YDS 2 Exam Result? ÖSYM AİS Inquiry Screen

YDS 2 exam was held on Sunday, October 22. In the exam that measured the level of foreign language knowledge, candidates were asked 80 questions from English, Arabic, German, French and Russian. The exam results were announced today by ÖSYM. So, how to find out the YDS 2 exam result? Here is the ÖSYM AİS inquiry screen and details…

ÖSYM AİS Inquiry Screen

Candidates who want to learn the YDS 2 exam results can access ÖSYM's sonic.osym.gov.tr ​​address with their TR ID numbers and candidate passwords. In this way, candidates can view the score they obtained in the exam and the number of correct and incorrect answers. In addition, candidates can review the images of their answer sheets, the answers obtained by reading the markings they have made on the answer sheets by optical readers, and the correct answers to the questions via ÖSYM AİS.

You can access the ÖSYM AİS inquiry screen [here].

What is the Use of YDS 2 Exam Result?

YDS 2 exam result is an important document for candidates who want to document their foreign language knowledge level. With the YDS 2 exam result, candidates can apply to higher education institutions, pursue an academic career, study abroad or work in public institutions and organizations. YDS 2 exam result is accepted by all institutions and organizations during its validity period.

What is the validity period of YDS 2 Exam Result?

YDS 2 exam results are valid for five years from the date of taking the exam. At the end of five years, the YDS 2 exam result is deemed invalid and candidates must take the YDS or an equivalent exam again.