Xiaomi's first car may debut much earlier!

xiaomi car

Xiaomi is making rapid entry into the automobile market! What is the First Electric Car? ZamWill it be the moment?

After its successful work in the field of smartphones and consumer electronics, Xiaomi is preparing to step into the automobile market. The company announced in recent months that it had established a production facility in Beijing and would invest $10 billion in electric vehicle development. Now, according to new information, Xiaomi's first electric car may be released much earlier.

Which Automobile Manufacturers Is Xiaomi Negotiating With?

Xiaomi has not yet received the necessary license to produce its own car. Therefore, the company plans to establish partnerships with different companies experienced in automobile production. According to the latest reports from the industry, it was stated that Xiaomi is in talks with many Chinese automakers such as Brilliance Auto, Chery and Beijing Automotive Group.

Thanks to these partnerships, Xiaomi will not have problems in matters such as production, design and supply chain management. It will also share its expertise in software development with its partners. In this way, Xiaomi's entry into the electric vehicle market will accelerate.

What Will Xiaomi's First Electric Car Be Like?

Xiaomi's first electric car is called MS11. It is said that this model will be in sedan form and will be powered by a 101 kWh battery. It is also claimed that the vehicle will have a competitive price of 27 thousand dollars.

Xiaomi's first electric car is expected to be released next year.