Battery results of VW ID.3 have been published! The results are quite surprising

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Battery Performance of Volkswagen ID.3 Surprised!

ADAC Subjected Volkswagen ID.3 to a 100 Thousand Kilometer Test

ADAC, Germany's leading automobile association, subjected Volkswagen's electric model ID.3 to a long-term test. As a result of the test, it was revealed that the vehicle's battery maintained its high capacity and operated without any malfunction.

Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S Received Full Marks with its 77 kWh Battery

ADAC engineers spent two and a half years and covered a distance of more than 3 thousand kilometers with the Volkswagen ID.100 Pro S model at the Test and Technology Center in Landsberg am Lech. As a result of the tests, it was determined that no abnormalities were found in the vehicle and its high-voltage 77 kilowatt-hour battery still retained 93 percent of its initial capacity.

This result is well above the 70 percent promised by Volkswagen's new vehicle warranty. To protect the battery, ADAC's testing team did not limit charging and frequently charged it to 100 percent at fast charging stations. Test results showed that the vehicle had a range of 400 km in real-world conditions.

Volkswagen ID.3 was evaluated in terms of technology, safety and environment

Between test drives, the ID.3 was constantly checked by ADAC engineers. ADAC evaluated eight main criteria and more than 300 subcriteria, including technology, security, ease of use and environmental impact.

One of the recommendations ADAC gives for ID.3 owners zamInstalling software updates at the moment. During the endurance test, the Volkswagen ID.3 received several software updates, one of which increased the charging power to 170 kW. These updates not only fixed bugs but also positively affected consumption and range.

These surprising results regarding the battery performance of the Volkswagen ID.3 are promising for the future of electric vehicles. German automobile giant Volkswagen aims to lead the electric vehicle market, and the ID.3 model is an important part of this goal.