Volvo and Renault will jointly produce electric light commercial models

renovolvo common vehicle

Electric transportation is at the center of more and more industries. French Renault Group, truck manufacturer Volvo Group and logistics giant CMA CGM are coming together to play an important role in this transformation.

The Rise of Electric Transportation

Efforts to reduce our dependence on traditionally fueled vehicles are leading to the rapid rise of electric transportation. This is one of the important steps towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable future.

Renault, Volvo and CMA CGM Alliance

Renault, Volvo and CMA CGM are launching a joint venture to develop fully electric delivery trucks. This alliance shows how effective solution-oriented collaborations can be by coming together with strong players in the industry.

Joint Ventures and Investments

Trucks Built on Modular Chassis

The new trucks will be built on a modular chassis, allowing for greater flexibility and customization. Two giant companies aim to be a pioneer in zero-emission transportation by focusing on technological innovations.

Investment Amounts

Renault and Volvo will invest 300 million euros respectively in this joint venture, while CMA CGM will later contribute 120 million euros. This demonstrates the seriousness of the project and its potential for long-term success.

Regulatory Approval and Operational Date

The joint venture will become operational in early 2024, subject to regulatory approval, with production starting in 2026 at Renault's Sandouville plant in northern France. This is the project zamIt is a clear indication of the current schedule and plans.

Production Plans and Location

Sandouville Factory and Northern France

Renault's Sandouville plant will be a strategic production point for this joint venture. Production to start in Northern France will support local employment by increasing the economic vitality in the region.

Competitive 800 Volt Electrical System

The new trucks will have an 800 volt electrical system. This will provide them with a competitive advantage in charging and enable them to have a faster and more effective energy infrastructure.

The Role of Mobilize

Mobilize's Entry into the Truck Segment

Mobilize, Groupe Renault's mobility services division, will play a key role in the development of these trucks. Mobilize's experience will contribute to designing the trucks to be especially ideal for urban deliveries, rental companies and small businesses.

Design for Urban Deliveries and Small Businesses

The new trucks are designed specifically for urban deliveries, rental companies and small businesses. It aims to add value to the industry by providing solutions tailored to transportation needs.

Challenges of the Electric Truck Market

Growth Slowness and Concerns

The all-electric truck market is diving into the automobile market due to concerns such as cost, range and payload.