Volkswagen starts producing batteries in Europe with PowerCo!

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PowerCo, the energy unit of German automotive giant Volkswagen, announced that it has decided to establish its first factory in Poland for Ionway, a $2.9 billion joint venture with Belgian material supplier and manufacturer Umicore. This initiative is one of the steps taken to localize battery supply in the transition to electric vehicles, like many automobile manufacturers in Europe.

Ionway: A Groundbreaking Step in Battery Production in Europe

The rapid change in the electric vehicle market brought the Ionway project to the agenda. To respond to the increasing demand for electric vehicles across Europe, Volkswagen's energy unit PowerCo joined forces with Belgian material supplier Umicore within the scope of the Ionway project. Ionway stands out as a groundbreaking step in battery production in Europe.

Localization Trend in the Electric Vehicle Market

The Ionway project shows that the automotive industry in Europe is undergoing a major transformation. Increasing environmental awareness and sustainability goals have caused many automakers to revise their strategies for electric vehicles. As part of this trend, Ionway aims to localize battery production in Europe.

Ionway Factory and Poland's Choice

PowerCo's reasons for choosing Poland for Ionway include its strategic location, qualified workforce, and renewable energy resources. Poland stands out for its commitment to energy transition and its excellent geographical location. Ionway's factory to be established in Poland will make a significant contribution to the electric vehicle production ecosystem in the region.

Strategic Location and Renewable Energy Resources

PowerCo's decision to choose Poland takes into account the strategic location and access to renewable energy sources.