Volkswagen introduced a new package for Atlas models

camp pack

Volkswagen Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport Renewed with Basecamp Package!

Volkswagen updated its Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport models, which are among the most preferred vehicles in the United States. This update came with an accessory pack called Basecamp. This package offers a number of features that give vehicles off-road capabilities and change their exterior design.

The Basecamp package consists of parts such as a two-tone black-silver front bumper, matte black fender guards, satin silver rear bumper and satin silver side door panels. Air Design company produces these parts. Additionally, the Basecamp logo is added to the front panel of the vehicle. This logo is not available on the Atlas Cross Sport model.

Basecamp package, same zamIt also includes 17-inch fifteen52 Traverse MX wheels. These rims are offered in frosted glass and radiant silver color options. Vehicle owners can also add accessories such as front and rear bumpers, side door panels and fender flares, which they can purchase separately if they wish.

This update will be valid for the 2024 model year. In this way, Volkswagen aims to increase its market share in the United States.