What is the Van earthquake? zamwhat happened? How many seconds did the Van earthquake last?


After the earthquake that occurred in Van 10 years ago, there is a tremor today!

An earthquake occurred today, on the anniversary of the earthquake that occurred 10 years ago in Van and killed hundreds of people. So what is the Van earthquake? zamwhat happened? How many seconds did the Van earthquake last? Here is information about the latest earthquakes in Van…

In which year did the Van earthquake occur?

Van experienced a major disaster on October 23, 2011. At 13:41, a 7,2 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter in Tabanlı village caused great destruction in the region. The earthquake lasted for 25 seconds and was felt in surrounding provinces, Iran and Iraq.

Approximately two weeks after the earthquake, another aftershock of magnitude 9 occurred on November 2011, 21, at 23:5,6, with the epicenter in Edremit district. This earthquake increased the damage in the region and caused loss of life.

How many people died in the Van earthquake?

In the earthquakes that occurred on October 23 and November 9, 2011, a total of 644 people lost their lives, 1.966 people were injured, and 252 people were rescued alive from under the rubble. As a result of the earthquakes, thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed and tens of thousands of people became homeless.

After the earthquakes, many search and rescue teams, medical personnel, soldiers and police were dispatched to the region. Aid such as tents, blankets, food and medicine were provided to earthquake victims. After the earthquakes, reconstruction efforts were initiated in the region.

There was an earthquake in Van today too!

Another earthquake occurred today morning, on the anniversary of the great earthquake that occurred in Van 10 years ago.

According to the latest information on AFAD's website, a 08 magnitude earthquake was recorded at 05:4,0, with the epicenter in Lake Van. The depth of the earthquake was announced as 5 kilometers.

The earthquake was felt in Van as well as in surrounding provinces such as Bitlis and Muş. It was reported that there was no loss of life or property after the earthquake.