The new DS 9 Opera E-Tense 250 with its affordable price is now in Turkey! Here are the price and features of the new DS model.

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DS Automobiles and the Elegant Sedan DS 9 OPÉRA E-TENSE 250

DS Automobiles is making an assertive entry into the Turkish market with the new version of DS 9, which brings French luxury to the automotive world. DS 9 OPÉRA E-TENSE 250 draws attention with its expanded equipment and updated features.

Price and Introduction: DS 9 Opera E-TENSE 250 is in Turkey!

The new DS 9 Opera E-TENSE 250 is offered for sale in Turkey with prices starting from 3.449.200 TL. This elegant sedan combines luxury and technology, promising car enthusiasts a unique driving experience.

Hardware and Design: Innovation Redefines DS 9

The updated hardware of DS 9 includes the new multimedia system DS IRIS SYSTEM, as well as the instrument panel. The redesigned instrument panel and modern interface offer the driver a more personal and intuitive experience.

E-TENSE Technology: Electrically Powered Driving Experience

Following its success in Formula E, DS Automobiles also offers E-TENSE technology in DS 9. The new DS 9 OPÉRA E-TENSE 250 offers environmentally friendly and powerful performance with its 81 horsepower PureTech engine supported by an 200 kW electric power unit.

Electric Driving: Eco-Friendly and Advanced Technology

The new DS 9 OPÉRA E-TENSE 250 provides up to 15,6 km of fully electric driving according to the WLTP urban cycle with a 85 kWh battery. This sedan, which can reach 2 percent in just 23 hours and 100 minutes with its fast charging feature, offers an environmentally friendly option.

DS IRIS SYSTEM: Customizable and Modern Multimedia

Introduced in the new DS 9, DS IRIS SYSTEM offers a fully customizable interface on the 12-inch touchscreen. Navigation, ventilation, digital audio sources and driving data come together in a one-touch menu with user-friendly widgets.

Luxury Redefined with DS 9 OPÉRA E-TENSE 250

DS 9 OPÉRA E-TENSE 250 is a masterpiece that brings French luxury to Turkey. With its high performance, environmentally friendly technology and modern design, DS 9 sets a new standard in the luxury sedan category.