Was the famous Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to be whipped?

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Cristiano Ronaldo sentenced to 99 lashes in Iran! The Reason Is Surprised

It was claimed that Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo could be sentenced to 99 lashes on charges of adultery in Iran. It was claimed that Ronaldo was complained about a photo he took with a female painter when he went to Iran last year.

Why Did Ronaldo's Photo Become a Problem?

Ronaldo was transferred to the Saudi Arabian team Al-Nassr in 2022. In September, he played against the Iranian team Persepolis in the group stage of the Asian Champions League. After this match, Ronaldo visited Fatima Hamimi, a female painter who lived in Iran and admired him.

Hamimi was an 85 percent paralyzed painter who drew pictures of Ronaldo. When Ronaldo met Hamimi, he hugged him and put his hand on his shoulder. It was also claimed that he kissed her on the cheek. These photos were published on social media and attracted great attention.

However, these photos attracted the reaction of some lawyers in Iran. According to Portuguese sports newspaper Mundo Deportivo, many lawyers had filed complaints against Ronaldo. According to Iranian law, it was considered adultery for a man to touch or kiss a woman who was not his wife.

Details of the Punishment Given to Ronaldo

According to Iranian media, it was stated that Ronaldo was sentenced to 99 lashes on charges of adultery. Sharq Emroz, one of the television channels in the country, reported that the Iranian justice system will force the football icon to serve his sentence when he next comes to the country.

Ronaldo doesn't need to go to Iran for now. Because Al-Nassr played away against Persepolis in the Asian Champions League. However, if the Saudi team leaves the group, there is a possibility that they will match with an Iranian team. In such a situation, it could be risky for Ronaldo to go to Iran.

Ronaldo scored 10 goals in eight matches in the Saudi League this season. He has not yet made a statement on the subject.