UEFA COUNTRY SCORE LATEST STATE: Where is Turkey in the UEFA country rankings, what is its score?


Turkey's Situation in UEFA Countries Rankings: What is its Score, What is its Rank?

The UEFA country rankings determine the number of teams participating in the European cups and the bags in the draws. This season, Galatasaray managed to qualify to the groups in the Champions League, and Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş in the Conference League. If these teams qualify from the groups, the number of teams that Turkey will send to the European cups next season will also increase. This week, Galatasaray lost 3-1 to Bayern Munich in the Champions League, while Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş played their 3rd week matches in the Conference League. So, where does Turkey rank in the UEFA country rankings and what is its score? Here are the details…

Türkiye Ranks 9th

Turkey continues to collect points thanks to its victories in the qualifying stages last season and this season and the 3 teams remaining in the groups. Türkiye is currently in the UEFA country points rankings 9th place takes place and score 35,350.

Belgium's score, which is ahead of Turkey, is 41,800. Behind Turkey, Scotland ranks 32,650th with 10 points.

Top 15 in UEFA National Rankings

The top 15 in the UEFA country points rankings are as follows:

1- England: 91 thousand 678

2- Spain: 78 thousand 489

3- Italy: 74 thousand 569

4- Germany: 71 thousand 909

5- Netherlands: 56 thousand 500

6- France: 54 thousand 831

7- Portugal: 49 thousand 316

8- Belgium: 41 thousand 800

9- Türkiye: 35 thousand 350

10- Scotland: 32 thousand 650

11- Austria: 30 thousand 800

12- Switzerland: 30 thousand 575

13- Serbia: 27 thousand 775

14- Denmark: 27 thousand 700

15 – Czech Republic: 27 thousand 550

Our Representatives Searched for Points in the Conference League!

In the UEFA country points rankings, our representatives Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş played their third match in their groups. Fenerbahçe away to HJK Helsinki 3-1 defeated and continued his leadership. Beşiktaş will play Feyenoord at home. 3-1 lost and remained in last place in the group.