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TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Fees Zam He Announced That He Didn't

TÜVTÜRK responded to the vehicle inspection fees published in some media recently. zam He announced that the allegations that he would do so were unfounded. TÜVTÜRK emphasized that vehicle inspection fees are determined by law and they are not authorized in this regard.

TÜVTÜRK, vehicle inspection fees zam He released a statement against the news that he would do so. In the statement, it was stated that vehicle inspection fees (excluding VAT) are determined by law in accordance with Article 35 of the Highway Traffic Law, depending on the revaluation increase rates announced at the end of October every year.

How Much Are Vehicle Inspection Fees?

In the statement, it was stated that, effective as of 1.1.2023, vehicle inspection fees are as follows according to vehicle classes:

  • 488 TL excluding VAT for Tractors and Motorcycles
  • Automobile, Minibus, Pickup Truck etc. 958 TL excluding VAT for light vehicles
  • Bus, Truck, Tow Truck etc. 1.295 TL excluding VAT for heavy vehicles

In addition, it was noted that 50% of the specified fees and all VAT and late fees collected were transferred directly to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

TÜVTÜRK Has No Authority

TÜVTÜRK announced that it had no authority to determine vehicle inspection fees and did not make any requests in this regard. TÜVTÜRK stated that the vehicle inspection fees that will be valid for 2024 will be regulated in line with the revaluation rate to be determined by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. TÜVTÜRK announced that current fees will remain valid until January 1, 2024.

TÜVTÜRK paid its respects to the public and asked not to rely on false news.