The 6th leg of the Turkish Karting Championship was held

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In the organization held at TOSFED Gulf Race Track under the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX and with the contributions of Marmaris Municipality and Marmaris Chamber of Commerce, two races were run on Sunday after the first races in all categories on Saturday.

In the micro category, which is open to the participation of athletes aged 6-9, Selim Köse came first, Nihat Karadeniz came second, and Olgun Yücel came third. In the mini category between the ages of 7-12, Can Özler came first, Rüzgar Evci came second, and Cem Karakömür took third place.

In the junior category between the ages of 12-15, the first three places were Yağız Topal, Hakkı Dorum, Leyla Sulyak, while in the senior category over the age of 3, Gün Taşdelen came first, Sena Savaşer came second, and Ateş Birinci came third. Muratcan Eğilmez, İlyas Vurgeç and Murathan Gür were in the top 14 places in the master category for those over 30 years of age.

Leyla Sulyak came first in the women's junior category, while Sena Savaşer came first in the women's senior category, Zeynep Çukurova came second, and Sudenur Yurdagül came third. The organization, in which Dynamic Racing Team won the first place among the teams, ended with the award ceremony held at the end of the race.

2023 MOTUL Turkey Karting Championship will end with the 25th leg races to be organized by the Women's Sports Club in Automobile Sports at TOSFED Gulf Race Track on 26-7 November.

Hibya News Agency