Toyota's new EPU concept was introduced in Japan

toyota epu

Toyota EPU Electric Pickup Concept Introduced at Japan Mobility Fair!

Toyota is preparing to be assertive in the electric vehicle market. The Japanese automobile giant exhibited many interesting concept vehicles at the Japan Mobility Fair. The most striking of these was the electric pickup concept called EPU.

EPU appears as Toyota's first fully electric pickup concept. This vehicle may be a precursor to Toyota's electric Tacoma model in the future. Toyota defines EPU as the “new generation pickup concept”. However, the technical details and features of this vehicle have not been announced yet. It was introduced only as a concept.

Toyota's EPU electric pickup concept makes a difference with its small dimensions. This vehicle is in the same segment with compact pickup models such as Ford Maverick. The EPU has a monocoque body and offers a four-door cabin. It provides enough space for a family of five.

The design of the EPU also looks quite close to mass production. In the interior, a single digital display provides the driver with the necessary information and entertainment functions. On the outside, a modular back cover and an extendable case attract attention. These features show that Toyota is inspired by its competitors.

What is Toyota's EPU electric pickup concept? zamIt is not yet clear when it will go into production or in which markets it will be offered for sale. However, it is definitely an important step for Toyota to enter the electric vehicle market.