Toyota's electric vehicles will have a "manual transmission" option

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Toyota Will Offer Manual Transmission in Electric Vehicles!

Toyota introduces a manual transmission option in its electric vehicles to offer drivers more control and pleasure. This new system will be used in new models that will be released in 2026.

Driving Pleasure in Electric Vehicles

Toyota says its electric vehicles are not only practical and environmentally friendly, but also zamHe wants it to be fun and exciting at the moment. Therefore, it plans to offer a manual transmission option in its future electric vehicles.

This system emerged as a result of three years of development work and works on a software basis. The system is equipped with a clutch pedal and gear lever taken from the Toyota GR86 model. There are also paddles behind the steering wheel for changing gear.

Toyota's aim when designing this system is to add "driving pleasure" to electric vehicles and to realize the vision of Toyota President Akio Toyoda. Toyoda emphasizes that electric vehicles are not just “goods” but also zamHe wants drivers to appeal to their emotions at the moment.

Performance Change in Electric Vehicles

Another innovation that Toyota will offer in its electric vehicles is a software system called “On Demand”. Thanks to this system, drivers can change the performance of the vehicle to mimic different models.

The prototype version of this system was applied and tested on the Lexus RZ model. With this system, the performance of the Lexus RZ can be switched between different models such as Toyota Passo, Toyota Tundra and Lexus LFA.

This system offers drivers an amazing and impressive experience. For example, using this system you can turn the Lexus RZ into a car that sounds and drives like the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

With these innovations from Toyota, it seems that electric vehicles will no longer be boring and monotonous.