Toyota gave some clues about the new generation Camry

toyota camry

Toyota Shared the First Image of the New Camry Model!

Toyota published a teaser photo showing that it is preparing for the introduction of the new generation Camry model. In the photo shared with the slogan "A new dawn is coming", the headlights and part of the front bumper of the vehicle can be seen. The new Camry is expected to be launched in 2024.

New Camry Will Use Toyota's New Design Language

The new Camry model will join the new generation vehicles that use Toyota's new design language, platform, power units and innovative technologies. One of the striking details in Toyota's teaser photo was the sharp-edged design of the headlights. There is also a large air intake at the bottom of the front bumper. This strengthens the possibility that the vehicle may be a sporty TRD version. The Toyota logo is located high in the nose area.

No Information About the Technical Specifications of the New Camry

No official statement has yet been made about the technical features of the new Camry model. However, experts in the automotive industry predict that the vehicle will be produced on the TNGA-K platform. This platform is also used in Toyota's new generation NX, RX and RZ models. There is no information about engine options, but it is thought that internal combustion engines and hybrid engines will continue.

What Will the Interior of the New Camry Be Like?

Toyota has not yet shown the interior of the new Camry model. However, the brand's newest products are likely to feature a large, vertically oriented multimedia screen above the center console, as in models such as the Prius and Crown. Camry already offers many safety technologies, and it is estimated that these will continue in the new model.

Toyota shared the first image of the new generation Camry model. With this model, Toyota makes us say that a new dawn is coming. We have to wait until 2024 to see the new Camry up close!