Toyota decided to support Tesla's charging technology

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Toyota's Move to Switch to Tesla Charging Standard

While competition in the electric car market is heating up, Toyota has also taken an important step. The Japanese automobile giant announced that the electric vehicles it will produce in the future will use Tesla's North American Charging Standard (NACS). Thus, Toyota and Lexus branded vehicles will be able to benefit from more than 12.000 Tesla Supercharger stations.

Which Electric Vehicles Will Use Toyota's NACS Port?

Toyota has not yet announced which electric vehicles will start using the NACS port. However, the company stated that “certain” electric vehicles that will be launched from 2025 will be able to use this port. In the same year, he announced that existing electric vehicles could be connected to Tesla charging stations with the help of an adapter.

This decision by Toyota shows that there is a trend towards standardization in the electric car market. Because this week, BMW Group announced that it would prefer Tesla's format instead of CCS ports. After Ford made this change this summer, many automakers also decided to switch to NACS. In this way, an easier and more compatible charging infrastructure is created for both consumers and charging companies.