Toyota Prius GRMN comes with a strong infrastructure

toyota prius

Among Toyota's surprises is the Le Mans Centennial GR Edition concept, a performance version of the Prius. This extraordinary move caused great surprise in the automotive world.

GRMN Version of Prius

According to claims from Japan, there are reports that Toyota is working on a GRMN version of the Prius. According to these claims, this model, which will receive the "GRMN" nickname, will retain its 2.0-liter engine, but a significant increase in power output is expected. Currently, the Prius can produce 220 horsepower.

Apart from the engine update, changes are expected in the model's body, brakes and suspension system. It is also claimed that a special adhesive will be used to increase its structural strength.

Uncertainties and Expectations

Uncertainties include whether the model will offer AWD driving and its release date. Although there is no clear information on these issues yet, looking at the release dates of past models, it is likely that the performance version will be waited for a while longer.

Toyota's Prius may appear with a new face in the automobile world, combining sustainability and performance. We can't wait to see if these claims are true.