Toyota Land Cruiser Se introduced! Here are its features and details…

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Toyota Land Cruiser Se Comes Electrically!

Toyota introduced the electric version of the Land Cruiser model in America. This model, named Land Cruiser Se, will bring a new breath to Toyota's electric vehicle range. Land Cruiser Se will start production in the spring of 2022 with sedan and hatchback body options.

Powertrain of the Land Cruiser Se

Land Cruiser Se will be Toyota's first fully electric Land Cruiser model. This model will be powered by a high-capacity battery and will have a three-row seating arrangement.

Not much detail has been shared yet about the powertrain of the Land Cruiser Se. However, this system is expected to be similar to the electric powertrain used in Toyota models sold in Europe. This system can produce 181 horsepower (135 kilowatts) and 315 Newton-meters of torque.

The battery capacity and range of the Land Cruiser Se have not been announced yet. However, it is likely that Toyota will offer battery performance suitable for long-term off-road use in this model.

Design and Equipment of the Land Cruiser Se

Land Cruiser Se will be offered with sedan and hatchback body options. The sedan version will be produced at the Ontario plant in Canada, while the hatchback version will be produced at the Indiana Auto Plant in Indiana.

The design and equipment of the Land Cruiser Se will be different from the regular Land Cruiser models. This model will have a smaller and more modern appearance. There will also be some details that indicate that it is electric. For example, electric logo, LED headlights, aerodynamic wheels.

The price and sales date of Land Cruiser Se are not yet known. However, Toyota is expected to offer this model as an affordable and attractive option. Land Cruiser Se will join Toyota's electric vehicle range along with CR-V and Accord hybrid models.