Toyota does not see the Century model as an ordinary SUV

toyota century

Toyota Century SUV: Not an Ordinary SUV, the New Symbol of Luxury

Toyota brought a different perspective to the automotive world by redesigning the Century model as an SUV. The Century SUV offers much more than a typical SUV. The subtleties and unique details in the design of the vehicle appear as a new symbol of luxury and aesthetics.

Design Focusing on the Rear Passenger

Toyota's Century SUV was designed with a focus on the rear passenger. Chief engineer Yoshikazu Tanaka says that this vehicle is the beginning of a new era in the concept of chauffeured mobility. Tanaka said, “We created this vehicle that preserves Century's unique character and zamWe designed it as a transportation solution that adapts to today's changing values. “For us, this is more than just an ordinary SUV, it is a vision,” he says.

toyota century

It Also Targets Young Generations

Toyota's CEO Akio Toyoda emphasizes that the Century SUV model will not only appeal to a certain segment of people. According to Toyoda, this luxury SUV also targets younger generations. Toyoda said, “We have created a model that will attract the attention of those who previously thought Century was not for them. “This vehicle offers an experience beyond luxury and comfort,” he says.

Attractive Appearance

Toyota's Century SUV model also attracts attention with its exterior appearance. The hand-made round logos adorning the doors of the vehicle are in bright white and were added to honor the E-Type race cars that competed shortly after the model's 1961 launch.

The grille surround is also white, and every Century SUV model has 20-inch wheels with black accents. With its ground-mounted driving position, eye-catching fenders that can be considered huge, and contrast-colored body cladding, the Century SUV looks different from an ordinary SUV.

toyota century

Special Interior

Toyota's Century SUV model also has a special design in the interior. The seats of the vehicle are fully upholstered in Synthetic Leather and, of course, the logos that identify the vehicle as a special model are also located in the interior. There is also special hardware that indicates the vehicle's production number (between 1 and 150).

High price

Toyota's Century SUV model is available for sale in Japan with a price starting around $167,000. This price means that the vehicle is not just a vehicle but the same zamIt shows that it is now a new symbol of luxury and aesthetics. However, it's up to you to decide whether the price is worth it all. Additionally, the Century SUV is only available in the Japanese market.