Togg announced the total number of deliveries


In the statement made on ogg's official social media accounts, the announcement of 2.204 T10X deliveries in September is an indication of the rapid growth of the brand. This shows that a total of 5.604 T10Xs met with their owners during the delivery period that started in May.

Togg's Delivery Performance

  1. Initially Slow, Now Fast

    Togg was able to deliver only 1435 cars to their owners in the first three months (May-June-July) when it started deliveries. However, monthly deliveries soon gained unexpected momentum, exceeding those in the previous three months.

  2. 2023 Targets

    Togg aims to produce a total of 2023 thousand vehicles in 28 and offer 20 thousand of them to individual customers. This shows the brand's determination to increase its influence and presence in the market.

Togg's Future Plans

  1. Growth Targets

    In a statement made in March, it was stated that Togg aims to produce a total of 2030 million vehicles by 1. In line with this goal, the company has plans to produce four different models with CX Coupe, C-Sedan, B-SUV and C-MPV body types, in addition to the C-SUV.

  2. New Model: C-Sedan

    C-Sedan, which will be Togg's second model, is expected to be introduced in 2025. With this new model, the brand aims to appeal to different segments by expanding its product range.