Thierry Koskas: “We do not compare ourselves with Dacia”

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Citroen Announces That It Doesn't Compare Itself With Dacia

In his statement at the launch of the new electric model e-C3, Citroen's CEO Thierry Koskas said that the brand is not in the same market segment as Dacia. Koskas emphasized that Citroen is a 100-year-old brand and has values ​​such as comfort, simplicity, sustainability and courage.

Citroen Produces Affordable and Comfortable Vehicles

French automobile manufacturer Citroen introduced its new electric model e-C3. This model shows the brand's claim in the electric vehicle market. In his statement during the introduction of the e-C3, Citroen's CEO Thierry Koskas admits that the brand competes with Dacia, but states that the market positions of the two brands are different.

Koskas: “You are comparing it with Dacia, for which we have great respect. "But the difference between Dacia and Citroen comes from the fact that we have a hundred years of history and other core values ​​such as comfort, simplicity, sustainability and courage."

Citroen aims to produce affordable vehicles that are accessible to everyone. However, the brand is not limited to small and cheap models. Citroen, which also produces larger and luxury models such as the C5 Aircross and C5 X, appeals to different customer segments.

Differences Between Citroen and Dacia

According to Citroen, their brand positioning is different from that of Dacia. "We compete with Dacia in some models, but we are not their direct rival with all our models," Koskas said.

Citroen occupies a unique position in the automotive market. Although the brand competes with Dacia, its history and values ​​​​make the French automotive brand completely different. Citroen offers a different experience to its customers by producing comfortable, simple, sustainable and bold vehicles.