New coating options offered for Tesla models

tesla new coating

Color Coating Service from Tesla for Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla launched color coating service for Model 3 and Model Y models. This service offers a brand new option to vehicle owners and is offered as a solution for users who want to achieve a different style without completely changing the color of their vehicle.

Seven Different Color Options

Tesla's color coating service offers the opportunity to choose from seven different color options. These colors are Satin Ceramic White, Slip Grey, Satin Hidden Black, Satin Rose Gold, Ice Blue, Forest Green and Flame Red. Each of these colors offers an exciting alternative for those who want to change the aesthetics of the vehicle.

High Price Tag

Tesla's color coating service was offered for sale with a slightly high price tag. You have to pay $7,500 for the first three color options and $8,000 for the other four color options. We must remind you that with these prices, you can buy a decent car in America with this money!

Available in Limited Regions

Color coating service is currently only available in the West Covina and Carlsbad areas in Southern California. You must return your Tesla for the wrapping service to be completed, and the wrapping process can take five to seven business days. However, you are not provided with a temporary vehicle during this period.

Transparent Coating Option Also Available

Tesla, same zamIt also offers a transparent coating option that preserves the original color of the vehicle. This coating protects against scratches and cracks while still showing off your vehicle's natural color.

Tesla's New Services Enriching User Experience

Tesla further enriches the user experience with these new services that give its customers the chance to personalize their vehicles and create a different style. There is no information yet whether it will be offered in the Turkish market, but we can say that these features reveal Tesla's innovative approach once again.