Tesla Model Y prices hit the bottom and went on a big discount! Here are the details..

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Tesla Model Y Prices Surprised! Here is the Latest Situation in Turkey

Tesla, the leader of the electric car market, has reduced prices in Turkey. The price of the initial version of Tesla Model Y, the brand's best-selling model, has decreased. The price of other versions has increased. Tesla Model Y has been on sale in Turkey since April and became the third best-selling car model in September.

How Did Tesla Model Y Türkiye Prices Change?

Tesla Model Y is sold in four different versions in Turkey: RWD, Long Range, Performance and Plaid. The prices of these versions have increased six times since April. zam he had seen. There was a change in prices in October. The price of RWD, the initial version of Tesla Model Y, decreased from 2.322.468 TL to 2.207.844 TL. This price fell to a lower level than the prices in July.

Prices of other versions have increased. The price of the Long Range version increased from 2.522.468 TL to 2.637.092 TL, the price of the Performance version increased from 2.722.468 TL to 2.836.092 TL, and the price of the Plaid version increased from 3.122.468 TL to 3.235.092 TL. .