Tesla offered a new color option for Model S and Model X


Tesla Adds Stealth Gray Color to Model S and Model X

Tesla introduced a new color option for Model S and Model X vehicles. The gray tone called Stealth Gray was one of the moves the company made to increase sales.

Although Tesla is the leader of the electric car market, it has recently experienced a serious decline in the sales of its flagship models Model S and Model X. The company is implementing different strategies to reverse this situation. One of these is to diversify the color options of the vehicles.

What Does Tesla's New Color Stealth Gray Look Like?

Tesla's new color option, Stealth Gray, replaces the gray tone previously offered as Midnight Gray. Stealth Gray is a gray color that has a darker and matte appearance. Images of vehicles in this color were published on the [Model S] and [Model X] pages of the company's official website.

Stealth Gray color will be sold only in North American and Asian markets for now. No announcement has been made yet for the European market. It was stated that no extra fee is charged for this color option.

Why Is Tesla Increasing Color Options?

The reason behind Tesla increasing its color options is to revive the sales of Model S and Model X. According to the company's latest third quarter report, sales of these two models decreased by 2022% compared to the same period in 14, falling to 15.985 units. On a nine-month basis, sales decreased by 7% to 45.905 units. These figures are Tesla's best zamThis is quite low considering that it currently sells approximately 100.000 Model S and Model X units per year.

Tesla is trying different methods to change this situation. One of these was to reduce the prices of vehicles. Last March, the company introduced a new color option called Ultra Red for Model S and Model X. He originally asked for an extra fee of $3.000 for this color. However, this fee was later removed and the starting prices of the vehicles were also reduced.

Despite this, the expected revival in sales did not materialize. Therefore, the company now aims to offer its customers more options by launching the Stealth Gray color.